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Neck Pain

Chronic Neck Pain

No matter if you have a bulging disc compressing the nerves or pain in general precise scientific chiropractic care is likely to help tremendously. We not only have the most precise ability to realign the top bones in the neck but we also offer other specialized techniques to restore normal joint function to the rest of the segments so you can be feeling and functioning better.

*We also offer our patients long term results by teaching proper neck exercises and scientifically validated orthotics that can restore the neck to its healthy natural overall curve.

Patients w/ bulging disc in the neck (herniations) found dramatic short and long term improvements
J Manipulative Physiol Ther., 2013
Most patients in this study, including subacute/chronic patients, with symptomatic MRI confirmed bulging disc treated with spinal manipulative therapy, reported significant improvement with no adverse events.
Effects of Cervical High-Velocity Low-Amplitude Techniques on Range of Motion, Strength Performance, and Cardiovascular Outcomes: A Review
Journal of manipulative and physiological therapeutics, June 2017

Besides reducing or eliminating pain neck adjustments are proven to:

  • Decreases Blood Pressure in Hypertensive patients
  • Increasing cervical ROM (range of motion)
  • Increase mouth opening
  • increased pain-free hand grip strength In patients with lateral elbow pain
Regional Supply of Chiropractic Care and Visits to Primary Care Physicians for Back and Neck Pain
J American Board Family Medicine, 2015
Older Americans are seeing chiropractors for neck and back pain more often and as a result are not needing to see their MDs any longer for those conditions.

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