Dear Prentice Chiro Family,
Firstly, we want to say we sincerely hope you, your friends, and family are healthy during these potentially stressful times.
We want to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to reduce the spread of COVID-19 as well as other illnesses that are impacting our community. Our goal is to remain open unless otherwise instructed by local public officials.
During this outbreak, we ask that if you are currently feeling sick or have been sick in the last 2-14 days, you reschedule your appointment for the safety of our patients and staff.
Please also reschedule your appointment if, in the past two weeks, you have or have been in close contact with someone who has traveled outside of the United States.
Thank you for your understanding.
To reschedule your appointment, call (541)797-6530
Prentice Chiropractic



Fill out intake

Intake paperwork can be printed out online by clicking here.

Bring them completed to your first visit. Or please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled time to complete the paperwork in the office.


Meet with the doctor

You will meet with Dr. Prentice who will evaluate & learn more about what you or your child’s specific needs are.

The doctor will then continue with a thorough health history, functional testing, neurological testing, postural analysis, and a thorough physical exam.


Digital Radiographic Images

Here at Prentice Chiropractic we do not believe in guessing about your health. If you are a candidate for our treatment we will then take any necessary digital radiographic images in order to accurately address your health needs.


Digital posture image & Spinal assessment

We use digital posture images to accurately measure changes throughout care along with assessing the motion and posture of your spine.


Schedule Doctors Report

Your second visit is your most important, we will provide a detailed overview of your health, and chiropractic recommendations.

You will receive your first adjustment with us on your second visit!

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